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Harry Potter 7 Part 2-The Last Chapter

 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is an epic movie! I’ve already seen it twice!  I went to see it on opening night with William and his mom, Emera, Spencer, and his friend, Josh. We saw back to back features of Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. We saw the second one in 3d. If you’re trying to decide to see it in 3d or not go with not. You hardly even notice the 3d and there is only one or two good effects. It’s not worth the extra money. *Spoilder: If you are going to see it you should stop reading here & skip down to the last paragraph). Okay so in the movie they are at Shell Cottage when it begins. They talk to the goblin who used to work at Gringots and knows everything about it, even how to get them in the vault they seek. But Griphook the goblin will only do it in return for Gryfindors sword. They also talk to the wandmaker Olivander and they discover the hallows exist! And that Voldermort has the Elder wand-the most powerful wand in the world. But they can’t worry about that just yet. First they need to break into Bellatrix’s vault. Pass the alarms in Hogsmead. And save Hogwarts in a fight against Voldermort himself. Neither can live while the other survives.

There were some parts of the movie I was disappointed they altered from the book, but they did a pretty good job packing 759 pages into 4 hours (between Part 1 & 2).  Some things just worked better for film the way they did it, to give more of on an emotional punch. Of course, there were a few parts I would’ve needed a Kleenex but I don’t cry easily but if you’re a baller, beware & bring some tissues. Especially for p. 637 and p. 703 (read, read, read the books if you haven’t!!!!).  Overall, I like all the HP movies a lot & can’t choose a favorite one but even though I’ve read The Deathly Hallows 3x, the movie had me on the edge of my seat.


Sweet Websites!!!

     The first website is the best. It was made by a beautiful, athletic, sweet 11-year-old genius. It is called peace love and poncho! You should totally check it out! LOL! 

Okay another website is Pottermore [ For more details on that read my blog titled Pottermore!] http://www.pottermore.com

Another one is Webkinz.com. To access it you must buy a stuffed animal. Each one comes with a special code. After you put the code in, you’re in for loads of fun in the virtual world known as Webkinz World! http://www.webkinz.com

The next epic site is poptropica. Here you create an Avatar then defeat islands for credits to buy stuff in the store. http://www.poptropica.com

 The last website is one I myself haven’t checked out  but heard it’s good. It’s name is Facebook you must be 13 or older to get an account. Well I hope you check out these awesome sites. Except Facebook if your under 13! http://facebook.com

Happy Exploring everyone:):):)








Awesome Singers!!!

Of course you already know Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Taio Cruz, and a whole lot of other singers. You may already know the singers/ bands I’m about to tell you about but if not you should totally check them out! The first  band is New Hollow. They are a group of three boys. The youngest is Chad Blashford who is 15, the other two, Evan West and Mick Clouse, are 16. They began playing in elementary school under the name Monkee Hollow. Even if you don’t like their lyrics you have to admit they sing pretty good. Greyson Chance is another awesome singer. He is only 11 years old! He got discovered through a talent show where he sang Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. He can sing super good! I can’t imagine writing and singing songs good enough that people would actually buy it! Well I hope you check out these awesome singers. Who are some of your favorite singers???

It’s Not Easy Being Green . . .

Today I saw Green Lantern. It was an awesome movie! Although a lot of movie reviews are talking trash about it I still really liked it! I recommend it to everyone. Especially if you like comic books or action movies! But even if you don’t this is a must see. In this movie a dare-devil test pilot named Hal Jordan is chosen to hold the powers in a mystical ring. Which he, of course, got from a dying alien! The dead alien is taken to do research on. He had been killed by Fear. [A humongous beast that feeds off fear. Hence the name.] Giving him a second body which transfers into the body of the man who was researching him. When he touches a weird-looking wound he is given unearthly powers. Meanwhile Hal is on an alien planet training to be a green lantern. But quits. Although he keeps his powers. Back on Earth he must try to stop the mad scientist, save the girl he loves, and his planet, all by himself (just your average day in a super hero’s life!). But if that’s not enough, Fear itself is heading towards Earth. Watch the movie to see if Fear will take over Earth, or if Hal will save the Earth and everyone else, or die trying.

“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!“



My favorite author is J.K. Rowling. She wrote my seven favorite books, the Harry Potter series. I started reading her books when I was seven. The first book I read was Harry Potter seven, ” The Deathly Hallows.”

My family and I went to the mid-night release of the seventh book. We even went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure on opening day. I have read each book several times. In fact right now I’m reading the seventh book for the third time.

She has just opened up a website. This website will give you an online experince unlike any other. It’s called Pottermore. On this website J.K. Rowling will join you and share additional information on the wizarding world she has been hording for years. Pottermore is a free website that creates exciting experinces around the Harry Potter series. It will open to all in October. If you go to Pottermore on July 31st you can find out how to get a chance to enter the magical world of Pottermore early. I can’t wait for it to open!