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In Memory of Big Fred

Last Sunday we held the brick ceremony . . . Of course it was amazing! I would like to give a big thank you to anyone who made a donation. You truly are a hero to our church.   


Above you can see what I wrote on my brick at the ceremony. I’m sure you all remember when my church had a fundraiser and you all pitched in. [Thanks again!] But when we had the brick ceremony, Big Fred went out of his way to help my church! If you can remember back that far he donated a whole $100! Sadly, Big Fred died of diabetes on June 10th. He will be remembered forever. He was a good son, a good father, a good grandpa, a good man, and had a good heart. He will remain in ours forever. R.I.P. Big Fred.


A church in need of you.

Okay we all need to pull in our money together one last time! I know you thought we were done! Well my church [AKA my second home] once again is in need of our money. Let me explain, when you build a house one thing always happens. It’s always more money than you thought it would be. I know what your thinking we exceeded our miracle goal. Which was amazing! Our church is looking fabulous! We’re repainting all the walls, rebuilding the stage, the kids upstairs are getting a painted playground with their amazing new walls, they took down our old doors and built a new wall, they redid our ceiling, got new desks, you get the idea. Well that ate all our money up. We just have one last project we won’t be able to do without your help. They want to make a playground/ hangout outside, but they won’t have enough money to build a fence. Trust me we will not put it up without a fence. So we need to invest in the church by buying pavers. Which is why we need your help.  You can help by donating: 

  • $5 for 1 pavers
  • $25 for 5 pavers
  • $125 for 25 pavers
  • $500 for 100 pavers
  • $1500 for 300 pavers
  • $2500 for 500 pavers
  • Or any other amount you can donate

Oh I forgot to tell you if you buy one you can have it dedicated to someone or a prayer to God carved on to it. No one will see it though except for God. So don’t worry it will face down. Please donate big! Although any donation is gladly accepted. Every penny counts. Please my church needs you! If you are going to donate please comment below how much and what you want carved on a brick in your name. You can send your donations to me, and I’ll deliver them to the church immediately. Thank you again.


FCAT worries

 What if I fail? What if I have to go to the bathroom during the test, and I’m not allowed to go? What if I have a mental break down? What if I get placed in regular or worse intensive classes?!? I worry as I sit at home when I should be at school taking the FCAT. Why am I not at school you may ask? You may wonder if I’m skipping school to get out of FCAT. But I would never do that as everyone who knows me knows I’m a big dork and I hate missing school even if we are doing nothing or a  bunch. I just hate missing school in general. Especially on the BIGGEST day in the ENTIRE school year! Why am I not at school you may still be wondering? Hold your horses! Okay I’m not at school today because I was up till midnight then finally fell asleep and woke up again at three and couldn’t fall asleep. Then mom woke me up at seven and I haven’t been to sleep since. I am sick at a temperature of 100 degrees farenheit, and keep having to go to the bathroom. So I need your advice for tomorrow on how to pass the FCAT. Do you guys think I can pass the FCAT?!? Do you think I can last the FCAT without going to the bathroom?!? Do you have any advice on calming yourself?!? Do you know how long the average human can go without going to the bathroom???

Kony 2012

 Joseph Kony is the number one criminal in the world. Yet most people don’t even know his name, or the horrible things he does. But we are going to get his name known, and force the government to dispose of him. Because you see since it’s not happening in America, they see no reason to stop him. We finally convinced  some of them to attempt to stop him, but if they think we don’t care anymore they’ll run back home as quick as you can say ‘a peanut butter and jelly sandwich’. But before you can help stop him you need to understand what he does.  He kidnaps kids during the night and slits their necks if they rebel or struggle. After he takes the kids away he forces them to murder their parents so they have nothing to return to. After taking these cruel actions he turns the girls into sex slaves, and the boys into his army. If that isn’t bad enough he has no purpose for doing these things except for power. So here’s where we come in. On April 20th 2012 we’re going to cover everything with the word Kony all night long. We are going to make people ask who he is and search, and find out how horrible he is. They will then join in, in our quest to stop him. We’ll show the government we care. We’ll stop Kony if it’s the last thing we do. We. Are. Going. To. Stop. Kony. Now. 

See the video surfing the web about Kony that started this movement and learn how to stop him:

Stop KONY 2012 

Still want to know more? Want to make a difference? Check out these links for more information:

Kony information     Kony action kit     Who is Kony?     list of 20 culture makers and 12 policy makers

Let’s stop Kony now!


Unexpected Frights



          Well first off I want to wish you a spooky Halloween and a happy Fall y’all! LOL! No but really Halloween brings the expected frights which I guess is spooky. But what’s really scary is the unexpected ones. The expected ones are ghosts, ghost stories, haunted houses, people playing pure scary tricks, people jumping out of no where, witches, etc. you get the idea. But the unexpected ones will tear you to pieces! Okay here the unexpected ones come. Prepare to hear some random lady screaming from a horror movie. The unexpected ones are not being able to make a homemade costume and only having twelve dollars to buy one if all else fails. Oh, and did I mention you’re in sixth grade where costumes actually start to matter! Oh, remember when I said it would tear you to pieces? I meant tear you to pieces laughing. But if you where my age you would understand! But never the less I want your opinion. What are you going to be for Halloween? What should I be? Can I ever find the perfect costume? Do hippos have pink or red sweat?!? Please comment back as fast as you possibly can because this is urgent!


Middle School–Why Me God?

 Well so far I absolutely hate middle school.

Every day I get home and go to my bedroom to do some homework, then eat dinner & do dishes, more homework, take shower & have dessert (cookie dough ice cream anyone? Hmmm), last bit of homework and then read (which I don’t consider homework because books are awesome).  Also in middle school you have homework on the weekends!

Not to mention most of the teachers in middle school are not as nice as the ones in elementary school. They are really strict, don’t seem to care about you, and move ten times faster and you can barely keep up. 

During the first week of school I had the worst day ever! I was late to spanish. I was not even in the right building when the bell rang and had fallen down on the way there and scrapped my knee and no one was there to help me because everyone was already in their classes and I didn’t have a clue to where the clinic was. I eventually found my class. But on the way there I had lost some of my gym locker money. Then I could not find my next class and by the time I got there the door was locked and I had to run down to the lunch room to get there before lunch was over.  But lunch is one thing that’s more fun than elementary. Like last Friday someone requested a Congo line! Of course I joined in! Also I completely embarrassed one of my friends by telling the lady with the microphone it was her birthday and getting her a loud announcement.

But as I was saying, Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Not so much fictional. Although middle school is getting a little better, got any advice for me?

American Made


If you had to read one of my blogs this would be it. Okay, so go in your closet or look under toys and stuff for the label and see where they were made- write it down on a piece of paper. Then go back and count how many were made in different places. After that come back and see how well you did. Oh by the way you should get about twenty items. [I did this too. I had eleven that were made in China. One in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia, Philippines, Italy, and Thailand. And finally I had two in Vietnam.]

 If you had zero  made in America (like me)–you should check your birth certificate– are you sure you were born here?                                                                                                

If you had one – five you need to start buying more American made things.

If you had ten or more you should be proud of yourself.

If all of them were American made you are amazing and are a role model to everyone and have the right to brag. Congratulations!

You are probably wondering why I have made you do this little game. The point of this game goes so much farther than bragging rights. The point is we need to take action. According to my research today about 90% even closer to 99% of the items we buy every day are from other countries, including items we’ve already made (ex. we buy a pot made in China when there’s an American made one). My little test proves that to be right. Now I know what your thinking- why would I care? This has nothing to do with me. Obviously, I didn’t think much about it myself since I had zero items made in the USA. Then I watched President Obama’s press conference today & was astonished to see how far America is in debt. I know when my parents run out of $, they must make more before they spend it. Why doesn’t our gov’t hold to that belief? (I hope our President doesn’t read this!) But we also can’t solely blame our gov’t, because we can take action ourselves by buying ‘made in America’ things. Maybe then they wouldn’t be debating raises taxes again. Still think this has nothing to do with you?? Well, you could not be more wrong.

              How do you feel about: 

                                   More lost jobs

                                    More companies going out of business

                                    More empty buildings, factories, storefront, etc.

                                    Lower pay checks

                                    Further reduction of our tax base

                                     Increased prices on our tax bills or new taxes added, permits, licences to makeup for dollars lost.

                                     And not to mention lack of funding needed for roads, bridges, schools, and municipal services of all kinds!

 Although these prices are high to pay they are easy to prevent. Just simply ask the cashier what products are American made. Check the tags. Even though the China made microwave may look cooler and be less money the American microwave will help you keep your job and many other Americans. Trust me- we don’t need our situation to get any worse. Spread the word. You could always show them my website! Well I hope you take my advice because if you don’t you’ll be sorry.