Kaylee's Thoughts

Five and going strong

How are you everybody welcome back for another week of Poetry Galore! Well this week I have a poem on life. How it’s a mystery, and… well see for yourselves! 🙂




It walks around thinking it’s all that.

Popular and wanted,

but it’s not half of that.

Like new shoes their appearance can be outstanding,

but the walk you must travel in them will leave you sore with blisters.

It’s an unsolvable problem,

an unknown land.

You never know what it’ll throw at you.

It has sorrows and surprises.

It’s a very unpredictable man.

You can’t live with it,

Yet you can’t stand being without it.

Life is a mystery,

And I’m the detective.

I really hoped you enjoyed this weeks Poetry Galore, and please tune in again next week for my next poem.


Comments on: "Five and going strong" (4)

  1. Cool. I especially like the ending. You are so wise for someone so young!

  2. Great poem once again! I sure hope you can help me find Hogwarts;-)

  3. Peggy Nowicki said:

    Beautiful and reflective….you are very talented. Keep up the good work!

  4. I really, really liked this one Kaylee. Each week you give us something else to think about. Love you lots and keep on writing!!!

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