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The Third Times a Charm!

Well well, look who’s back again! I suppose you are looking for more poetry? Well to bad! You’ll find no such thing on this fine blog. Just kidding! Welcome back for the third week of Poetry Galore. The poem this week is probably the most personal poem I’ve written. Most my poems I just wrote from my own imagination, but this one I half wrote from experience half wrote from imagination.




The bomb is ticking down.

His life is on a tightrope.

The pills can not cure him yet he still remains faithful.

He believes he can be saved he has a child’s hope.

I fear for his life.

He doesn’t deserve to die.

He’s helped so many,

So why can’t I help him?

I love him more than anything, but that just isn’t enough.

His years are getting shorter, the timer is about to go off.

He can’t die, it’s too soon.

He has a week left to live.

I can already hear a pasture speaking.

The tears are streaming down.

It’s too late to save him.

I just hope before he dies, he knows I love him unconditionally.


Well I hope you enjoyed this poem! Be sure to repost or comment on my blog if you do and I know I sound like a broken record, but you’ll want to tune in again next week! 


Comments on: "The Third Times a Charm!" (3)

  1. Aunt Dee Dee said:

    I love all of you poems! I used to write a lot of poetry when I was your age.

    Thanks for playing with Sam today! He had a lot of fun with you!!! 🙂

  2. Grandma Julie said:

    Another touching poem Kaylee. Have you done anymore writing on your book?

  3. Another great one . . . very poignant:-)

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