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The Second Week Poetry Galore!

Welcome back to Poetry Galore! I hope you all liked my poem from last week. If you haven’t read it yet be sure to click on it. This week my poem is about being unwanted. Hope you all like it. Because it took me forever to write! [Just kidding I wrote it in science class when I got bored!  :P]


The Unwanted


Looked down by my peers,

 I’m unwanted by the world.

I’m yet to be found, but I am unable to stay hidden.

I’m on a road to greatness, but can only find sorrow.

My flaws taunt me like the kids back in school.

Telling me I’m unwanted, unimportant, and unintelligent.

If I stand up to them they’ll only shoot me down.

I’m the victim, their target. They stalk me all day.

I’m the broken.

I’m the needy.

I’m the unwanted.


Well I hoped you enjoyed my new poem, and be sure to t-t-tune in weekly for a new poem!


Comments on: "The Second Week Poetry Galore!" (3)

  1. Shell Flower said:

    This is a lovely poem, but kind of sad. I used to feel that way a lot when I was a teenager. Good thing it didn’t last 🙂 Great job keeping your poetry promise. This one makes me think of a character from a novel.

  2. Beautifully expressed, Kaylee! You’ve captured how many YA feel. You are destined for greatness. Don’t worry about what others say, it’s what you believe about ourself that matters!

  3. Grandma Julie said:

    I replied earlier but I don’t see my comment so I will repeat. I loved this one and like your Mom said, it is probably what a lot of teenagers feel at times. Just wanted you to know you are a talented, loved and incredibly caring individual. To know you is to love you. Love, Gram

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