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 I’m starting a new segment on my blog. It’s called “Poetry Galore”. In this new segment I will post a new poem every week. That yes, I personally wrote. If it’s not too much you can repost them on Facebook, tweet them, put them on your blog, email publishers about this twelve-year-old wonder! I don’t really care what you do with them. Just please help me get them out there, and make sure you give all credit back to me. Kaylee Ayres. So here it is my first poem it’s about love… well see for yourself:


 Love it’s what everyone is looking for.

The soul’s greatest mission what the heart yearns for.

It’s an unbreakable vow that no one can comprehend.

They search for the unsearchable and fantasize the impossible.

Love isn’t all its cracked up to be. Love hurts.

It won’t stop prying till it’s found what it wants.

It gives you delusions. It tricks you like a little kid playing hide-and-seek

Making you think you’ve actually found it.

Love is a drug that makes you want more of it.

It’s unstoppable and unbreakable.

It makes you laugh, it makes you cry.

But that’s why I love it.

Because it’s all mine.


So what did you guys think? Please leave tons of comments. I love to hear your critiques! Remember help me get my poems out there, and remember to tune in every Sunday for an all new poem!


Comments on: "Kickoff of “Poetry Galore”!" (6)

  1. Grandma Julie said:

    I think I love you!!! Great job.

  2. Like a drug? How to do you know? You aren’t taking drugs are you??? *rushes of to check room* haha, just kidding. Sounds like you are dearly loved:-) Grreeeaaaat job, sweetie!

  3. This is wonderful. So creative! Enter it into the Language Arts contest. Mrs. Fizer will be so proud of you!

  4. This is great! As usual, I am very proud of you 🙂

  5. So amazing! Kaylee, I’m super excited to know you, and now I am laughing at the idea of your mother searching your room. “But that’s why I love it.” Is “it” love? You love love? I love love too! We should bond over ice cream soon.

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