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In Memory of Big Fred

Last Sunday we held the brick ceremony . . . Of course it was amazing! I would like to give a big thank you to anyone who made a donation. You truly are a hero to our church.   


Above you can see what I wrote on my brick at the ceremony. I’m sure you all remember when my church had a fundraiser and you all pitched in. [Thanks again!] But when we had the brick ceremony, Big Fred went out of his way to help my church! If you can remember back that far he donated a whole $100! Sadly, Big Fred died of diabetes on June 10th. He will be remembered forever. He was a good son, a good father, a good grandpa, a good man, and had a good heart. He will remain in ours forever. R.I.P. Big Fred.


Comments on: "In Memory of Big Fred" (4)

  1. So beautiful Kaylee. I am sure he is smiling down upon you.
    Mrs. L. Jordan

  2. Very sweet of you, Kaylee, to honor his memory in this way. I hope I make a lasting impact on others like Big Fred did:-)

  3. Grandma Julie said:

    That is a great tribute and you are a special kid to have dedicated the brick to him. you never fail to make me proud. Love you!

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