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A church in need of you.

Okay we all need to pull in our money together one last time! I know you thought we were done! Well my church [AKA my second home] once again is in need of our money. Let me explain, when you build a house one thing always happens. It’s always more money than you thought it would be. I know what your thinking we exceeded our miracle goal. Which was amazing! Our church is looking fabulous! We’re repainting all the walls, rebuilding the stage, the kids upstairs are getting a painted playground with their amazing new walls, they took down our old doors and built a new wall, they redid our ceiling, got new desks, you get the idea. Well that ate all our money up. We just have one last project we won’t be able to do without your help. They want to make a playground/ hangout outside, but they won’t have enough money to build a fence. Trust me we will not put it up without a fence. So we need to invest in the church by buying pavers. Which is why we need your help.  You can help by donating: 

  • $5 for 1 pavers
  • $25 for 5 pavers
  • $125 for 25 pavers
  • $500 for 100 pavers
  • $1500 for 300 pavers
  • $2500 for 500 pavers
  • Or any other amount you can donate

Oh I forgot to tell you if you buy one you can have it dedicated to someone or a prayer to God carved on to it. No one will see it though except for God. So don’t worry it will face down. Please donate big! Although any donation is gladly accepted. Every penny counts. Please my church needs you! If you are going to donate please comment below how much and what you want carved on a brick in your name. You can send your donations to me, and I’ll deliver them to the church immediately. Thank you again.