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   The lovely Mrs. Jamie Ayres, A.K.A mommy, soon to be published author of My So-Called Afterlife trilogy, awarded wonderful little old me, and fourteen others, the Mrs. Sparkly award! Isn’t it amazing!?!

*Pauses while everyone admires its awesomeness* For my new award I have to answer seven questions about myself, and nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award. Since everyone who follows my blog, or even reads it sparkles and deserves it, I have a deal. The first fifteen bloggers who comment, and are subscribed to me can get the Mrs.Sparkly award. Good luck, and may the best bloggers win! 😀

Okay now for those questions about yours truly:

Describe yourself in 7 words: amazing, smart, sensitive, random, weird, talkative, and VERY argumentative. OOPS! That’s more than seven words!

What keeps you up at night?: Don’t even get me started! Being in the middle of a good book and having to leave at the good part, having a stressful day, being at someone elses house, the T.V. being on, being the last one up, being sad, being mad, the FCAT [that’s a big one], important things happening, if something exciting happened or is going to happen, talking outside my room [I love to eavesdrop!], having lights on in my room, scary movies or stories, bugs [just the thought, SHUTTER], sitting around all day, my thoughts,… well you get the idea. Everything. I’m a real light sleeper. It’s a good night when I fall right asleep, don’t wake up throughout the night, and don’t wake up early. In fact the last three nights I’ve been going to sleep at 10:00, not falling asleep until midnight, than waking up at 5:00, and not being able to sleep again all night. YAWN. Excuse me!

Whom would you like to be?: A lot of people. Dru because she’s smart and athletic, my mom because she chases after her dreams, my dad because he’s funny, Emma Watson because she got to be in the Harry Potter series, Evanna Lynch because she’s epic and was also in Harry Potter series, Ashley Eckstein because she was in Star Wars and I’m a Star Wars nut–not to mention she actually looked at my blog, and Jailene because she’s fun random funny and has a strong personality. I might trade a few of my weaknesses for their strengths, but in the long run my strengths are what make me stronger. I wouldn’t want to be anyone but me because God made me for a reason and I’m going to do great things.

What am I wearing right now?: Harry Potter black Dumbledore’s Army shirt, with blue shorts from Gap.

What scares you?: Everything… oh you don’t think that’s an acceptable answer, smart guy? Well then I’ll make a list just for you. Spiders, beatles, cockroaches, any bug in general TRUST ME, water slides, fear, weaknesses, imperfections, the FCAT, going into another year of middle school, life, crazy rollercoasters, Ashley [You try living with a seven-year-old that makes videos like this

 and this

What are the best and worst things about blogging?: The best thing is that you can interact with anyone in the entire world from the foot of your bed. You can be judged by your words, not your actions or appearance. The worst thing is it takes forever to do, nobody subscribes to me, and I never get any awards.

If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be?: probably my anxiety problems. How I freak out about everything, and have to do a perfect job.

Slankets, yes or no?: If that means snuggies then a big YES!!! If not then… maybe. But snuggies are so cool looking, comfortable, and creative.

Tell us something about the person who nominated you.: Jamie Ayres is a young adult paranormal author. She is about to get her first book published in her trilogy My So-Called Afterlife. The first book is called 18 Things. She is the mother of two beautiful girls, and is happily married to the love of her life, Dan. She is a full-time teacher. She hopes to switch positions to school librarian though. She is also a full-time author, and mom. She has a dog named Daisy. Is 32 but doesn’t look a day over 25, and is currently living in the beautiful state of Florida.

Thanks for the award, mom, and thanks to all my followers~ love you! 😀 😀 😀


Comments on: "Mrs. Kaylee Sparkle Ayres" (8)

  1. Grandma Julie said:

    You do indeed SPARKLE…a shining star!

  2. Great blog, I feel like I know you now.

  3. LOVELY blog you’ve got here! ❤

  4. As usual, a fantastic blog from a fantastic, amazing, smart, sensitive, random, weird, talkative, and VERY argumentative young lady, that I dearly love!! How did I do? 🙂

  5. Kaylee! Why the Mrs.??? Great blog! Love the videos of your sis. Yeah, they scare me too! Luckily, I know she’s harmless *ahem* mostly. Hahahahaa! Hugs, Risa

  6. Kim Jordan said:

    You always impress me Kaylee, weaknesses and all! 🙂 and I totally agree with you about the sleeping thing. It’s always a good night for me when I go right to sleep and stay asleep, but it rarely happens. Oh, and I think you should get brownie points from Mom and Dad for the really sweet things you said about them.

  7. You sparkle, spARkle, S*P*A*R*K*L*E!!! Baby, you’re a firework, let your colors burst~cheers:-)

  8. Hi Kaylee! I can already tell you are awesome like your mom! I see really big things in your future:)

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