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 Well sadly this will be the last day of our star wars marathon! *Tear, Tear.* I know, I know, how sad! So I have some fun stuff planned for today! WAHAHAH! I mean Tee-hee! First we will watch a scene that is a combination of two amazing movies. The Lion King, and of course Star Wars. Here it is, enjoy!

Mufasa is Darth Vader

I know hilarious right??? Well most people wish they had moves like Jagger. Personally though I wish I had the moves like Jabba the hut though. You don’t agree with me!?! Well I doubt you’ll still think that after you see this music video.

Moves Like Jabba (Maroon 5 PARODY!)

See don’t you wish you had his moves??? Well I’ll just finish this blog off by going ewok on you!!! WAHAHAHAHA, HA!!!

They ar so cute!!! I’m in love! I mean THERE SO FLUFFY I THINK I’M GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Still not in awe? Fine I’ll treat you and give you one last photo of them. But that’s it and I mean it!

No I’m not giving you another picture, and I don’t care how much you wine! I have to go get ready for bed! Well that’s all for now! Tune in and subscribe to me for more of this awesomeness!


Comments on: "Our Last Day In The Star Wars Marathon." (4)

  1. LOL . . . wow, you’re going to bed at 10:15–what a dORk;) LOVED the videos and pics–I want more!

  2. Luke Pastor said:

    Haha. Interesting.

  3. I got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE EWOK!!! I need more Ewok!!!

  4. Tara Morales said:

    They were so funny and cute. Maybe u will be a screenwiter for comedies between mission trips.

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