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FCAT worries

 What if I fail? What if I have to go to the bathroom during the test, and I’m not allowed to go? What if I have a mental break down? What if I get placed in regular or worse intensive classes?!? I worry as I sit at home when I should be at school taking the FCAT. Why am I not at school you may ask? You may wonder if I’m skipping school to get out of FCAT. But I would never do that as everyone who knows me knows I’m a big dork and I hate missing school even if we are doing nothing or a  bunch. I just hate missing school in general. Especially on the BIGGEST day in the ENTIRE school year! Why am I not at school you may still be wondering? Hold your horses! Okay I’m not at school today because I was up till midnight then finally fell asleep and woke up again at three and couldn’t fall asleep. Then mom woke me up at seven and I haven’t been to sleep since. I am sick at a temperature of 100 degrees farenheit, and keep having to go to the bathroom. So I need your advice for tomorrow on how to pass the FCAT. Do you guys think I can pass the FCAT?!? Do you think I can last the FCAT without going to the bathroom?!? Do you have any advice on calming yourself?!? Do you know how long the average human can go without going to the bathroom???


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  1. Aunt Dee Dee said:

    Everyone is nervous when they take a test. If you were not nervous, you would be too cocky and arrogant and make stupid mistakes because you are so sure of yourself!! Imagine how nervous I was when I had to take the CPA exam!! That was a 6 hour exam with hundreds of people in one room!!! Very intimidating! I know you will do well tomorrow. You are one of the smartest people I know!

    When I get nervous or have one of my anxiety attacks that I get, I think about something that makes me happy and brings me peace…like spending time with my family on vacation in Key West. Just come up with a happy thought. 🙂

    I also think you will be fine with going to the bathroom. I don’t remember the FCAT being too long so just go before you start and don’t drink a ton of water in the morning! 😉

    Love you!!

  2. I agree with Aunt DeeDee’s advice–go to your happy place . . . which I’m sure is any place with your dear old mother:) Don’t stress–1 test isn’t worth it & you are soooooooooo smart, you’ll do grreeeaaat! *deep breaths*

  3. You know you will do fine on the test. You always score so well on them because you are naturally so smart. You just need to stop thinking about negative thoughts and be positive about yourself. You know you don’t physically have to go to the bathroom either so just don’t think about it.(Just like when you or at home or out with us) Good luck tomorrow and just remember where your negative thoughts come from, and focus on how good you are going to do!

  4. Like I said today, I so know where you are coming from and I feel your pain. We both know it will pass. Anixiety stinks but you beat it before and you can beat it again. Like everyone said, you are very smart and I know you will do fantastic on your test. As far as your anixiety, like they said, go to your happy place. Remember, I am afraid to drive now, but I got in my car and drove to your house to be with you today. If I can do it, you can do it. I have faith in you, Kaylee. I have been and will be saying a lot of prayers for you. Please get some sleep tonight, don’t worry because you will do great on the test. And always remember, God is with you (and Grandpa Frank is at you side).
    I love you 🙂

  5. Grandma Julie said:

    My dearest Kaylee,
    Please don’t put too much stress on yourself. Because you are such a good student you will do just fine. Take a few deep breaths, believe in yourself and your talents and know we are praying for you. Mind over matter as they say. Hugs and good luck. Love you lots. Grandma Julie

  6. lynette carwana said:

    KK you will do fine! “They” will not put you ina regular class unless you don’t do anything! You are so smart you could guess and get it right. I’m saying a prayer for you right now. Think happy thoughts!

  7. Debbie Barbosa said:

    Listen to the song “Reach” by Peter Fuerler (over and over and over!) When I feel anxious, that song really speaks to my heart. You will do fine. You are your mother’s daughter!

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