Kaylee's Thoughts

Dear Kaylee,

I’m a wannabe writer & am struggling with my next book idea. Do you think I should write one about this snobby girl who’s forced to move to a hick town in Florida only to meet her soul-mate, a boy who can read minds (but it turns out, only hers). OR should I write one about a girl who finds out her Prom date is the actual incarnate of Jesus, & that she’s an angel herself? Thanks for your help!

Wannabe Writer

Dear Wannabe Writer, Personally I think you should write about your prom date being Jesus. That could be a really good aventure book that can easily be made into an adventure movie. Yours truly Kaylee

Dear Kaylee, The valentines dance is coming up at my school and I plan on going in a group with all my friends. But the tickets are five dollars. So unless I get a date ,but I won’t because he’s in the group to, I’m going to go in a group but I don’t know how to ask them for the money because I’m already in debt to them. Desperate

Dear desperate, The perfect way to ask is on a blog. That way the whole world knows so they can’t say no. Also promise to pay off the debt. And tell them don’t worry. Yours truly desperate opps did I say desperate I meant Kaylee


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