Kaylee's Thoughts

Dear Kaylee,
Please give me advice on how to read faster. I am a pretty swift reader, but lately I have less time for books, and I figure if you have advice on how to become a speed reader, then I could still devour the same amount of books in my limited time frame. But I really want to be able to comprehend what I am reading, so the speed reading techniques should still allow me to digest the content. :)
Jack *code name, of course*

Dear Jack,                                                                                                                                I’ve had this problem many times before myself. I would suggest listening to the recorded tape of the book. This allows you to drive, clean, work, etc. while techinacly reading. Trust me a recorded tape will work wonders. You could also read smaller books. You would be reding less but it would feel the same. Trust me no one would know the difference. Not even you!                                                  Yours truley Kaylee


Dear Kaylee,
Please give me some advice on how to be a good listener and focus on the conversation. My mind tends to wander! Thanks…..Wanda Know

Dear Wanda Know,                                                                                                                 Their is a simple solution to not drifing away from the conversation. Right when you first get there say everything you could possibly want to say to them and if you think anything is a distraction make an excuse for you and your friend to leave the room or get rid of the item. Another way is to make them think your paying attention all you have to do is nod your head yes or no and say things like ‘Oh, yeah’ ‘right’ and ‘I’ve done that before’. They won’t have a cclue you arn’t listening.                                        Yours truley Kaylee


What do you think a nice Valentine gift for my granddaughter’s? An outfit, a gift card or money?

Dear person without a code name [which you should have left],                                                                                        Personally I think you should give them money. I know from expierence most clothes people give to me go to the bottom of the drawer. Also if you give them a giftcard they might be disappointed because it was to the wrong store. But money means you get to pick where andwhat.                                                                                                                                                                                       yours truley Kylee



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