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I’m starting a new blogging session called “Ask Kaylee”. So here’s how it works you leave a comment on my blog or email me on what you want  advice on. Be sure to use a code name! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. What you said will be put on my blog with my answer directly below it. I hope to hear from you all real soon! Yours truly Kaylee. 🙂


Comments on: "Ask Kaylee" (5)

  1. Dear Kaylee,
    Please give me advice on how to read faster. I am a pretty swift reader, but lately I have less time for books, and I figure if you have advice on how to become a speed reader, then I could still devour the same amount of books in my limited time frame. But I really want to be able to comprehend what I am reading, so the speed reading techniques should still allow me to digest the content. 🙂
    Jack *code name, of course*

  2. Grandma Julie said:

    Dear Kaylee,
    Please give me some advice on how to be a good listener and focus on the conversation. My mind tends to wander! Thanks…..Wanda Know

  3. Grandma Julie said:

    How did Wanda access my email?

  4. Sandra Collins said:

    What do you think a nice Valentine gift for my granddaughter’s? An outfit, a gift card or money?

  5. Wannabe Writer said:

    Dear Kaylee,

    I’m a wannabe writer & am struggling with my next book idea. Do you think I should write one about this snobby girl who’s forced to move to a hick town in Florida only to meet her soul-mate, a boy who can read minds (but it turns out, only hers). OR should I write one about a girl who finds out her Prom date is the actual incarnate of Jesus, & that she’s an angel herself? Thanks for your help!

    Wannabe Writer

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