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Unexpected Frights



          Well first off I want to wish you a spooky Halloween and a happy Fall y’all! LOL! No but really Halloween brings the expected frights which I guess is spooky. But what’s really scary is the unexpected ones. The expected ones are ghosts, ghost stories, haunted houses, people playing pure scary tricks, people jumping out of no where, witches, etc. you get the idea. But the unexpected ones will tear you to pieces! Okay here the unexpected ones come. Prepare to hear some random lady screaming from a horror movie. The unexpected ones are not being able to make a homemade costume and only having twelve dollars to buy one if all else fails. Oh, and did I mention you’re in sixth grade where costumes actually start to matter! Oh, remember when I said it would tear you to pieces? I meant tear you to pieces laughing. But if you where my age you would understand! But never the less I want your opinion. What are you going to be for Halloween? What should I be? Can I ever find the perfect costume? Do hippos have pink or red sweat?!? Please comment back as fast as you possibly can because this is urgent!



Comments on: "Unexpected Frights" (5)

  1. I still think a hippie would be groovy baby. It goes with your blog persona and you already have tons of Peace and Love shirts, could wear your long jean skirt, lots of beaded necklaces and mood ring/bracelet, colored sunglasses, put your hair in pigtail braids. Cool, right?

  2. I think you should do a Star Wars costume. Those are always good. Hippos have green sweat.

  3. I think you should do a Star Wars costume. Those are always good. Hippos have green sweat.

  4. grandma julie said:

    What to be for Halloween huh? Since you are hosting a Haloween Party I guess you feel you should put some real thought into this years custume.
    Do you want to be scary or funny? I will have to think on this a while. In the meantime, good luck. I hope others have great ideas for you.

  5. grandma julie said:

    Your Mom’s idea is good. That would be easy enough or my boss Sharon could help you with a nerd costume, she was one once and it was hilarious, she acted the part all night.

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