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Middle School–Why Me God?

 Well so far I absolutely hate middle school.

Every day I get home and go to my bedroom to do some homework, then eat dinner & do dishes, more homework, take shower & have dessert (cookie dough ice cream anyone? Hmmm), last bit of homework and then read (which I don’t consider homework because books are awesome).  Also in middle school you have homework on the weekends!

Not to mention most of the teachers in middle school are not as nice as the ones in elementary school. They are really strict, don’t seem to care about you, and move ten times faster and you can barely keep up. 

During the first week of school I had the worst day ever! I was late to spanish. I was not even in the right building when the bell rang and had fallen down on the way there and scrapped my knee and no one was there to help me because everyone was already in their classes and I didn’t have a clue to where the clinic was. I eventually found my class. But on the way there I had lost some of my gym locker money. Then I could not find my next class and by the time I got there the door was locked and I had to run down to the lunch room to get there before lunch was over.  But lunch is one thing that’s more fun than elementary. Like last Friday someone requested a Congo line! Of course I joined in! Also I completely embarrassed one of my friends by telling the lady with the microphone it was her birthday and getting her a loud announcement.

But as I was saying, Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Not so much fictional. Although middle school is getting a little better, got any advice for me?


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  1. Kim Jordan said:

    Well Kaylee, you may be having a hard time in middle school, but your life as a Diary of a Wimpy Kid edition, I think not. You have to be one of the coolest 6th graders I know. Your blogs are so funny and insightful. You have gotten more things figured out in life than you realize and middle school trauma will be over before you realize it. So I say, whatever happens in middle school should be looked at as material for your amazing writing career. Soak it all in and enjoy every minute, because even the most embarrassing moments can be the moments that make your writing famous. You ARE going to make it…make it as a famous published writer…and yes make it through middle school. The advice I gave my own daughter during her transition into middle school was BE YOU and have as much fun as possible, because although it seems like a difficult time in your life, it will soon be a memory and a happy one at that. Adulthood comes with many responsibilities and hardships…you will someday wish you could relive these times. So if it is going to be entered into your memory vaults to pull from in your most stressful times of adulthood, make them the best memories you can. Good luck.

  2. Don’t try too hard to fit in. You’re not afraid to be different or to disagree with other peoples opinions and I love that you always have a point of view. A lot of people lose that in middle school.

    Forgive others, forgive yourself when you mess up. Nobody’s perfect!

    Give your teachers respect, it’ a hard profession, espcially a middle school teacher. Respect comes to those who give it, so they’ll respect you in return.

    Success comes in cans. Failure comes in can’ts. Believe you can do anything and you can (excpet get into Hogwarts, sorry honey).

  3. Heidi Fizer said:

    Kaylee, you’re a bright and shining star! You’ve always had a special little sparkle about you. Middle school years can be some of the best memories, but I understand how transitioning into it can be tough. Hope had a tough time, too. Come to think of it, so did I! It’s absolutely normal….all the things you’re going through and realizing are what paves your path to greatness. Look for the glimmer of light in every situation and you’ll see things differently as each day passes. Until then, do what Mrs. Jordan stated above. Use these crazy moments as precious pieces of writing material! You’ll have a novel written before you head off to high school! 🙂
    Hang in there, kiddo. You’re a super intelligent girl who never needs to “fit in.” You already do…..be yourself and love who you are! That’s what makes you so special! ❤
    Mrs. Fizer
    (HUGS & SMILES!!!!!!!)

  4. I wish you were in my class! Such talent and insight 🙂 I’ve been teaching middle school language arts for ten years now. You might have had a rocky start and I’m sure you will have your ups and downs,but you will find your place. Your teachers will also come to appreciate your hard work and talent. I know it’s quite a change from elementary school and middle school teachers are not as nurturing, but we are alsohelping you to become more independent. Change is not easy! Good luck and keep writing!

  5. Brandi Lawrey said:

    Kayley! Such great advice you have here above! Soak it all in and keep it close to your heart during difficult days. The fact of the matter is… no one and nothing is perfect in life. But, God has given you these moments for a reason. One day you will use these moments for something great! That’s when you’ll look back and REALLY laugh! We’ve all been there and we’ve all had tough times in school. School is just beginning this year and everyone is still finding thier nitch. Be true to YOU, who YOU are and who you ultimately want to be in life. That’s when you’ll find your comfort and your own place.
    I LOVE what your mom said about respecting your teachers because to be a teacher in middle school can be a daunting job. I still am in contact with one of my high school teachers! She came to my wedding, my baby shower and I recieve and send her a christmas card every year. The odd part is… she was the teacher EVERYONE dreaded! They thought she was mean and scary and impossible to please. I found out she was fair and had high expectations to help children grow beyond thier own expectations. I found strengths I never knew I had in her classes and am forever greatful to her for being stern and raising the bar. Do your best and work hard…. your teachers will start to notice and begin to gain respect for you. Who knows… maybe one of them will sit at your wedding one day. =0)
    With all that said… don’t let the tought days overshadow the good moments. Like the congo line and laughing with a friend. If we put too much focus on the bad… we let somet of the good pass us by. A bad day/moment…. is just that. A bad day or a bad moment! It doesn’t mean you’ll have a lifetime or a school year filled with bad days! I promise!!! Let the bad days/moments fuel you to be more thankful for the good moments and truly embrace them. I have a feeling you’ll be having MORE good days and good moments before you know it!

  6. Here’s my advice for you: post some of your videos on youtube. 😀 You know the ones I mean… from that perspective, middle school seems completely entertaining!

  7. Keep your chin up kiddo!! Hopefully you had the worst day of your middle school career already so it is now behind you and soon to be a distant memory!! And from what I hear…middle school has been not all bad for you…I believe you and I have special someone’s with the same name in common!!

    Love you!
    aunt dee dee

  8. Thanks for advice, everybody! 😀

  9. Kaylee, I could not begin to give better advice than you have already received from people who know and love you for to know you IS to love you. I have told you from day one that I LOVED middle school. You had a rocky start but it will get better every day. It is what you make it to be. You are a survivor and a born leader. Hugs! I love you! Love Gram

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