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Middle School–Why Me God?

 Well so far I absolutely hate middle school.

Every day I get home and go to my bedroom to do some homework, then eat dinner & do dishes, more homework, take shower & have dessert (cookie dough ice cream anyone? Hmmm), last bit of homework and then read (which I don’t consider homework because books are awesome).  Also in middle school you have homework on the weekends!

Not to mention most of the teachers in middle school are not as nice as the ones in elementary school. They are really strict, don’t seem to care about you, and move ten times faster and you can barely keep up. 

During the first week of school I had the worst day ever! I was late to spanish. I was not even in the right building when the bell rang and had fallen down on the way there and scrapped my knee and no one was there to help me because everyone was already in their classes and I didn’t have a clue to where the clinic was. I eventually found my class. But on the way there I had lost some of my gym locker money. Then I could not find my next class and by the time I got there the door was locked and I had to run down to the lunch room to get there before lunch was over.  But lunch is one thing that’s more fun than elementary. Like last Friday someone requested a Congo line! Of course I joined in! Also I completely embarrassed one of my friends by telling the lady with the microphone it was her birthday and getting her a loud announcement.

But as I was saying, Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Not so much fictional. Although middle school is getting a little better, got any advice for me?