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My Grand Trip to Grand Haven, MI!

I got back from Michigan last Sunday night. It was a blast! Well …… the first part. But it was super fun anyway! I went on my second plane ride ever. I went on my first one to Michigan when I was three so I don’t even remember it. I was scared when I got on the plane to Detroit. [We got on a plane from Fort Myers to Detroit. Grandpa and my cousin Colin picked us up.] They took us out to dinner at Steak and Shake. The next day I woke up and Colin was gone at Summer School, Ashley was puking her guts out, mom felt queasy, and grandpa was out getting them medicine. So naturally I asked when’s breakfast? When grandpa got home we went exploring in his HUGE backyard. He may have a small house but his yard is larger than most people’s houses. In his backyard I went exploring in the forest and went deep enough to find a gigantic hole so I went and got grandpa and he said it was a deer’s bed. I ate some delectable raspberries and a terrible tasting yellow bean. I saw the bomb shelter under their shed. Their house was built-in the nuclear Age. And saw Colin’s treehouse. Yes, it a real treehouse. Wood on a tree! When Colin got back we went fishing with his friend. Colin’s friend caught a huge catfish. He had to wrestle it forever to get his hook back. But sadly I didn’t catch anything! But that’s not even the worst part– I had to stick a hook through a live worm. When we got home dinner was ready but Ashley was not any better. I sat around the bonfire for a bit but then went & watched 16 Wishes with Ashley to give my Mom a break. 

 The next day was pretty much the same thing but with Ashley. Except we took a nature walk to Lake Michigan. It was really pretty. We got to see loads of wildlife! Finally we reached the end of the trail and we  went swimming. You don’t know cold till you have swam in Lake Michigan. [Fun Fact: Did you know Michigan has the largest lakes in the U.S.A. ?] Oh yeah when we went fishing again Ashley got a fish on her first try! No fair! When we went home I got sick. So the last few days were just a blur of puke. The last day I was weak but recovered enough to walk around downtown in Grand Haven, Coast Guard capital of the U.S.A. They were having a festival so it was packed. Then that night when we flew back, the actor Chris O’Donnell was on our plane sitting a few rows behind us! 


Well there’s my trip to Michigan. Oh wait! I got to drive three types of vehicles. First a tractor, then a car and finally a truck! I’m such an awesome driver that I missed our turn because I was driving too fast!  Anyways, what do ya think? Did you take any fun trips this summer?