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If you had to read one of my blogs this would be it. Okay, so go in your closet or look under toys and stuff for the label and see where they were made- write it down on a piece of paper. Then go back and count how many were made in different places. After that come back and see how well you did. Oh by the way you should get about twenty items. [I did this too. I had eleven that were made in China. One in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia, Philippines, Italy, and Thailand. And finally I had two in Vietnam.]

 If you had zero  made in America (like me)–you should check your birth certificate– are you sure you were born here?                                                                                                

If you had one – five you need to start buying more American made things.

If you had ten or more you should be proud of yourself.

If all of them were American made you are amazing and are a role model to everyone and have the right to brag. Congratulations!

You are probably wondering why I have made you do this little game. The point of this game goes so much farther than bragging rights. The point is we need to take action. According to my research today about 90% even closer to 99% of the items we buy every day are from other countries, including items we’ve already made (ex. we buy a pot made in China when there’s an American made one). My little test proves that to be right. Now I know what your thinking- why would I care? This has nothing to do with me. Obviously, I didn’t think much about it myself since I had zero items made in the USA. Then I watched President Obama’s press conference today & was astonished to see how far America is in debt. I know when my parents run out of $, they must make more before they spend it. Why doesn’t our gov’t hold to that belief? (I hope our President doesn’t read this!) But we also can’t solely blame our gov’t, because we can take action ourselves by buying ‘made in America’ things. Maybe then they wouldn’t be debating raises taxes again. Still think this has nothing to do with you?? Well, you could not be more wrong.

              How do you feel about: 

                                   More lost jobs

                                    More companies going out of business

                                    More empty buildings, factories, storefront, etc.

                                    Lower pay checks

                                    Further reduction of our tax base

                                     Increased prices on our tax bills or new taxes added, permits, licences to makeup for dollars lost.

                                     And not to mention lack of funding needed for roads, bridges, schools, and municipal services of all kinds!

 Although these prices are high to pay they are easy to prevent. Just simply ask the cashier what products are American made. Check the tags. Even though the China made microwave may look cooler and be less money the American microwave will help you keep your job and many other Americans. Trust me- we don’t need our situation to get any worse. Spread the word. You could always show them my website! Well I hope you take my advice because if you don’t you’ll be sorry.


Comments on: "American Made" (10)

  1. Kaylee–you are so stinkin’ smart, it’s sick! I never thought about this stuff at 11 & am proud you’re already a global thinker. Always remember that one person has the potential to change the world & you have the character traits to be that kind of person. I could tell from the womb you’d be a very productive person b/c you definately never stopped kicking & punching me, lol. I’m ashamed that I’ve not paid better attention to “Made in America” labels & thank you for this reminder. And I DO hope the President reads your blog!!

  2. Utterly amazing! You have definite reason to be proud! I’m proud of her for you!

  3. My super smart niece!

    You’d be proud of me! My car (that’s a biggie!), a bunch of Smurfs t-shirts, my candles (Colonial and Yankee), and Owen’s Crayola Model Magic are all made in the USA.

    There are lots of things from China too though…

    We even try to support our local things like restaurants and such.

    Good work, kiddo! xoxo

  4. Great blog Kaylee!! XOXOXO

  5. Kaylee,
    This is an amazing post. I know you don’t have FB or Twitter, but I’m going to repost there so everyone can read your wonderful work. I won’t blast my personal feelings here (in your comments – and I totally agree with you!), but I will offer you a piece of advice… ask your mom for a raise in your allowance so you can help contribute to the American economy. 😀

  6. Hulk Hogan = American Made. That is all I need to know!

  7. Dianna Lowry said:

    One smart girl out to change the world. Love it!

  8. I think someday you will be The President! Super blog!

  9. Wow Kaylee! You’re a brainiac! Much smarter 6th grader than most of us were…

  10. How’d you get so smart???????? I mean, I know your parents. You must take after me. Hee hee. JK. This was great to read, Kaylee! What a thinker!!!!

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