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 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is an epic movie! I’ve already seen it twice!  I went to see it on opening night with William and his mom, Emera, Spencer, and his friend, Josh. We saw back to back features of Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. We saw the second one in 3d. If you’re trying to decide to see it in 3d or not go with not. You hardly even notice the 3d and there is only one or two good effects. It’s not worth the extra money. *Spoilder: If you are going to see it you should stop reading here & skip down to the last paragraph). Okay so in the movie they are at Shell Cottage when it begins. They talk to the goblin who used to work at Gringots and knows everything about it, even how to get them in the vault they seek. But Griphook the goblin will only do it in return for Gryfindors sword. They also talk to the wandmaker Olivander and they discover the hallows exist! And that Voldermort has the Elder wand-the most powerful wand in the world. But they can’t worry about that just yet. First they need to break into Bellatrix’s vault. Pass the alarms in Hogsmead. And save Hogwarts in a fight against Voldermort himself. Neither can live while the other survives.

There were some parts of the movie I was disappointed they altered from the book, but they did a pretty good job packing 759 pages into 4 hours (between Part 1 & 2).  Some things just worked better for film the way they did it, to give more of on an emotional punch. Of course, there were a few parts I would’ve needed a Kleenex but I don’t cry easily but if you’re a baller, beware & bring some tissues. Especially for p. 637 and p. 703 (read, read, read the books if you haven’t!!!!).  Overall, I like all the HP movies a lot & can’t choose a favorite one but even though I’ve read The Deathly Hallows 3x, the movie had me on the edge of my seat.


Comments on: "Harry Potter 7 Part 2-The Last Chapter" (8)

  1. Awesome job Kaylee!

  2. Well done Kaylee!

  3. Wow Kaylee…..you are the smartest 11 year I know! Super job Sweetie. Love you!

  4. julie myers said:

    OK, you MIGHT have enticed me to read the books, can I borrow yours?
    Great job!

  5. Good review. I wonder what your favorite part of the movie was. I liked how they really showed the relationship between all the main characters and how they were all together at the end at the train station. Is there anything you think they should have added to the movie?

  6. ^Is your father trying to impress his mom on here? LOL. My favorite part was the end when Harry says, “Let’s finish this the way we started it, Tom. Together!” And then he pulls them off the top of the building & they have their final battle. And I love what Harry does with the elder wand, what he does for Malfoy in the Room of Requirement, how he holds Snape after he’s attacked and how he journeys into the Forbidden Forrest alone. It shows the kind of hero he really is & reminds me of the verse in the Bible: There’s no greater love than a man laying down his life for his friends.

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