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Sweet Websites!!!

     The first website is the best. It was made by a beautiful, athletic, sweet 11-year-old genius. It is called peace love and poncho! You should totally check it out! LOL! 

Okay another website is Pottermore [ For more details on that read my blog titled Pottermore!] http://www.pottermore.com

Another one is Webkinz.com. To access it you must buy a stuffed animal. Each one comes with a special code. After you put the code in, you’re in for loads of fun in the virtual world known as Webkinz World! http://www.webkinz.com

The next epic site is poptropica. Here you create an Avatar then defeat islands for credits to buy stuff in the store. http://www.poptropica.com

 The last website is one I myself haven’t checked out  but heard it’s good. It’s name is Facebook you must be 13 or older to get an account. Well I hope you check out these awesome sites. Except Facebook if your under 13! http://facebook.com

Happy Exploring everyone:):):)









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  1. Good Websites. Let me know if you find one where you can play Angry Birds. I also like this site:

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