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Hello world!

Hi world!  Welcome to my new blog Peace, Love, and Poncho.  You can come on here and read about me, my life, and so much more.


Comments on: "Hello world!" (6)

  1. Kristeen said:

    Why to go pool splashier:) That was a wonderful piece that you wrote I look forward to reading more. See you next month dress warm Michigan is still cold. you cuz, Kristeen

  2. Heidi Fizer said:

    Great blog, Kaylee! I enjoyed reading your first blog and I love the name, “Peace, Love, and Poncho!” Very cool!
    Mrs. Fizer 🙂

  3. You are awesome and light years ahead of us old people. I was just thinking about starting a blog the other day and chickened out. Kudos to you and I also love your creative title. I can see you years in the future writing about this blog and the amazing role your parents played in giving you the experiences you’ve had that made you so creative and wise when you are a famous writer preparing your autobiography. Good job Kaylee.
    <3, Mrs. K. Jordan

  4. Hi Kaylee! I see you took Mom’s advice and started your own awesome blog. I can’t wait for more so don’t keep me hanging. I am and always will be proud of you and your accomplishments. Hugs..Gram

    • I won’t! In fact….. I just made a new blog, Epic jokes! It’s Super epic/funny! It’ll make you go LOL!

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