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Moving on ;(

“The truth well it hurts to say. I’m gonna pack up my bags and I’m gonna go away. Oh lover, lover, lover you don’t treat me no good no more.”

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been blogging a lot…well at all lately. I’ve just been super busy, and I’ve kinda outgrown this blog. So I’m moving on. I’ll still blog on this blog occasionally, but can be found once a month on my new blog. It’s about me and a group of four of our friends, traveling through Middle School. We each have an assigned order and it repeats when done. The order is; me, Haley, Dru, Maddie, then Jasmine. I seriously can’t even put the blog into words, because it’s so amazing and the BEST blog ever. So what are you waiting for? Go and follow me and my friends, I promise you won’t be sorry. We would also really appreciate it if you could tell all your friends, family, etc., or maybe mention us on your blog or something. Because our blog is super new, and has like none followers. Please and thankyou! 😉 [The blog link is below.]


Five and going strong

How are you everybody welcome back for another week of Poetry Galore! Well this week I have a poem on life. How it’s a mystery, and… well see for yourselves! 🙂




It walks around thinking it’s all that.

Popular and wanted,

but it’s not half of that.

Like new shoes their appearance can be outstanding,

but the walk you must travel in them will leave you sore with blisters.

It’s an unsolvable problem,

an unknown land.

You never know what it’ll throw at you.

It has sorrows and surprises.

It’s a very unpredictable man.

You can’t live with it,

Yet you can’t stand being without it.

Life is a mystery,

And I’m the detective.

I really hoped you enjoyed this weeks Poetry Galore, and please tune in again next week for my next poem.

Four Makes a Crowd

Welcome to the blog you’ve been dreaming about! I’m so happy about how well my Poetry Galore blogs have been coming along. A big thankyou to everyone who has been reading and commenting on my blogs. You have no idea how great it is to share my work with the world and be appreciated. I hope you like the poem this week too!



You are strong. You are mighty.

You are powerful and delighting.

Too often I fall yet you are always there to guide me.

I talk nonstop, but you always extend an ear.

You are my super man saving the world yet again.

You’re the only one who gets me.

You are the one who has made me, me.

You are a father yet somehow a son.

You are my spiritual guide, my best friend for life.

Even if the world abandons me, you stay by my side.

You give my life meaning, and I will praise you daily.

You are truly a god above all others.


Well I’m glad you decided to read my blog yet again and be sure to tune in again next week!

The Third Times a Charm!

Well well, look who’s back again! I suppose you are looking for more poetry? Well to bad! You’ll find no such thing on this fine blog. Just kidding! Welcome back for the third week of Poetry Galore. The poem this week is probably the most personal poem I’ve written. Most my poems I just wrote from my own imagination, but this one I half wrote from experience half wrote from imagination.




The bomb is ticking down.

His life is on a tightrope.

The pills can not cure him yet he still remains faithful.

He believes he can be saved he has a child’s hope.

I fear for his life.

He doesn’t deserve to die.

He’s helped so many,

So why can’t I help him?

I love him more than anything, but that just isn’t enough.

His years are getting shorter, the timer is about to go off.

He can’t die, it’s too soon.

He has a week left to live.

I can already hear a pasture speaking.

The tears are streaming down.

It’s too late to save him.

I just hope before he dies, he knows I love him unconditionally.


Well I hope you enjoyed this poem! Be sure to repost or comment on my blog if you do and I know I sound like a broken record, but you’ll want to tune in again next week! 

The Second Week Poetry Galore!

Welcome back to Poetry Galore! I hope you all liked my poem from last week. If you haven’t read it yet be sure to click on it. This week my poem is about being unwanted. Hope you all like it. Because it took me forever to write! [Just kidding I wrote it in science class when I got bored!  :P]


The Unwanted


Looked down by my peers,

 I’m unwanted by the world.

I’m yet to be found, but I am unable to stay hidden.

I’m on a road to greatness, but can only find sorrow.

My flaws taunt me like the kids back in school.

Telling me I’m unwanted, unimportant, and unintelligent.

If I stand up to them they’ll only shoot me down.

I’m the victim, their target. They stalk me all day.

I’m the broken.

I’m the needy.

I’m the unwanted.


Well I hoped you enjoyed my new poem, and be sure to t-t-tune in weekly for a new poem!

 I’m starting a new segment on my blog. It’s called “Poetry Galore”. In this new segment I will post a new poem every week. That yes, I personally wrote. If it’s not too much you can repost them on Facebook, tweet them, put them on your blog, email publishers about this twelve-year-old wonder! I don’t really care what you do with them. Just please help me get them out there, and make sure you give all credit back to me. Kaylee Ayres. So here it is my first poem it’s about love… well see for yourself:


 Love it’s what everyone is looking for.

The soul’s greatest mission what the heart yearns for.

It’s an unbreakable vow that no one can comprehend.

They search for the unsearchable and fantasize the impossible.

Love isn’t all its cracked up to be. Love hurts.

It won’t stop prying till it’s found what it wants.

It gives you delusions. It tricks you like a little kid playing hide-and-seek

Making you think you’ve actually found it.

Love is a drug that makes you want more of it.

It’s unstoppable and unbreakable.

It makes you laugh, it makes you cry.

But that’s why I love it.

Because it’s all mine.


So what did you guys think? Please leave tons of comments. I love to hear your critiques! Remember help me get my poems out there, and remember to tune in every Sunday for an all new poem!

In Memory of Big Fred

Last Sunday we held the brick ceremony . . . Of course it was amazing! I would like to give a big thank you to anyone who made a donation. You truly are a hero to our church.   


Above you can see what I wrote on my brick at the ceremony. I’m sure you all remember when my church had a fundraiser and you all pitched in. [Thanks again!] But when we had the brick ceremony, Big Fred went out of his way to help my church! If you can remember back that far he donated a whole $100! Sadly, Big Fred died of diabetes on June 10th. He will be remembered forever. He was a good son, a good father, a good grandpa, a good man, and had a good heart. He will remain in ours forever. R.I.P. Big Fred.